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The story of Baita Cerato dates back to 1975, when Massimiliano Cerato decided to create a ‘rest stop’ for the increasing number of tourists visiting the Fossil Museum. Massimiliano decided to focus not only on local cuisine, but also on offering visitors an unforgettable stay in a comfortable hotel, in order to create an all-round experience.

Family management has always been in our blood. Baita Cerato was in fact initially managed by Massimiliano’s brother-in-law who took care of it for around 20 years. Since 1994, Patrizia – Massimiliano’s daughter – has taken over with increasing commitment year after year, paying particular attention to the products’ quality, in order to craft the best possible experience.

Our goal is to convey the love for our land and its traditions and offer you a worthwhile stay. You are welcome: sit back, relax and enjoy the view. We promise you authentic hospitality and a serene atmosphere, with an experience soaked in local culture.

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